Let's work together

Like a new company OSSDrive has only a few products and a lot of aspirations. Thus we decided to publish a list of our potential projects to be realised in near future. If you are interested in one of our potential project realisation, please contact us and we together find a way to increase a priority of project you interested in. We are ready to discuss especial price for first suppling of one of our product from potential project list. Contact us and get a great discount!

Potential projects (coming soon)
  • InsGATE - Portable thickness gauge

    Comapact, portable EMAT device for thickness measurement. Hight accuracy device with long battery live.
  • RAMS-S

    Compact, clever and easy to use device for remote couplantless ultrasonic(EMAT) defect detection and thickness measurement. The device dimensions is only 100x50x150, but inside it's a full function measurement station with generator, amplifier and complete signal processing. The device can be connected to any system (Computer or PLC) you just need to send a command to device and it will start inspect your test object.
  • RAMS-M

    It's almost the same device like RAMS-S but with several channels inside. The device goes with 2 or 4 channels on board, and has especial sync connector to have a possibility to synchronise several RAMS-M. It's already enough to create automatic system based on the device.
  • RAMS-R

    The device will continue RAMS line. RAMS-R is also multichannel device with 4 or 8 channels on board but the device is especially made to mount into 19-inch reck, thus it gives an opportunity to make a cabinet with any number of channels inside. Base on the devices even big automatic system can be made.
  • EMAT Tube thickness measurement system

    Simple equipment set for measuring thickness of tubes. The system include from 2 to 8 measurement
  • EMAT Plate scanner

    Set of equipment for thickness measurement and defect detection. OFF-LINE equipment for couplentless ultrasonic inspection of plates. Based on EMAT the equipment can include from 8 till 32 channels and perform scanning inspection of plates without couplant.