RAMS - Remote Automatic Measurement Station

RAMS Compact, clever and easy to use device for remote EMAT thickness measurement. Because of several smart solution the device has hight accuracy measurement together with low price. The device dimensions is only 130x145x60, but inside it's a full function measurement station with generator, amplifier and complete signal processing. The device can be connected to any system (Computer or PLC) by RS485 and you just need to send a command to device and it will start inspect your test object.

Main advantages
  • Hight accuracy of measurement. Time resolution is 10 nsec.
  • Contactless ultrasonic inspection. (No couplant needed) RAMS
  • Possibility of work in wide rage of temperatures
  • Fully automatic measurement
  • Automatic calibration
  • Compact design
  • Supply voltage 24 V DC
  • Interface RS485
Non-contact ultrasonic inspection
RAMS Main advantage of EMAT is possibility to generate and receive ultrasonic vibration without couplant (water, oil, ect.) Principle of EMAT you can learn here. It brings several features:
  • Wide temperature range of test object (> 1000 C)
  • Works with rough corrosion
  • Works through painting or nonmetallic coating
Hight precision measurement
Hight accuracy measurement became possible because of three factors:
  • EMAT always generates and receive vibration directly from surface. There is no delay in couplant because there is no couplant
  • Hight time resolution. RAMS time resolution is 10 nsec.
  • Especial algorithm of signal processing help to bring accuracy on absolutely new level
All these factors help to perform a very accurate measurement. All what you need is calibrate the device to know velocity of ultrasound precise.
RAMS There are two possible variant to calibrate RAMS.
  • Give to RAMS a precise information about ultrasonic velocity by sending the information trough RS485
  • Give to RAMS a precise information about current thickness and command to calculate the velocity
Standart configuration of RAMS is one sensor with 5 MHz work frequency. Theoretically such kind of sensor can be used for whole range of thicknesses (1-150 mm), but sometimes you may need a sensor with lower frequency, for example when attenuation of us is quite bit (case of big metal grains). RAMS can manage it. We have a suitable 3 Mhz frequency sensor. Just order addition sensor and then change a configuration of RAMS. RAMS
RAMS can be configurate with different parameters, like:
  • Work frequency
  • Pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
  • Parameters of initial pulse
  • ect.
All this parameters can be adjusted though RS485. Just send a new configuration ones and RAMS will work with it even after power restart.
Technical specification of RAMS
Common parameters
Parameter Value Units Comments
Protection class IP 65
Operation temperature -25 -:- +60 C Device temperature
Test object temperature > 1000 C
Metrological parameters
Parameter Value Units Comments
Thickness range 1-150 mm
Measurement accuracy 0,01 mm
Time resolution 10 nsec
PRF 1-200 Hz repetition frequency
Work frequency 3-5 MHz ultrasonic frequency
Sensor gap < 4 mm nonmetallic gap under a sensor
Parameter Value Units Comments
Interface type RS 485
Connector type D-SUB 9 (Female)
Electric parameters
Parameter Value Units Comments
Supply voltage range 20 - 28 V DC, nominal value: 24V
Consumption current 200 mA Maximum value
Connection D-SUB
Mechanical parameters
Parameter Value Units Comments
Dimensions 130 x 145 x 60 WxLxH WO clapms and connectors
Weight 650 gramm WO sensor

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